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Cognitive functionning : detect, follow and care

Cognitive functionning disorders
Cognitive functionning disorders are a category of mental health disorders that primary affect learning, memory, perception and problem solving. They are more and less severe and have an impact on  individual’s daily activity.


Our mission


• Support to protect and develop cognitive functionning for the whole of individual’s life in order to maintain and improve mental and neurological health.



Our ambition


• Early detection
Allowing an early access to diagnosis to begin early intervention

• Support health professionals
Enhancing decision making, the efficiency of patient journey while improving care personalization

• Support parents and care givers
Reducing delays in diagnostic process and enhancing access to complementary care in combination with professionals network


Our approach


• Based on neurosciences, digital and artificial intelligence

• Validated to be consistent with medical and regulatory guidelines

• Co-developed with stakeholders in the filed of mental and neurological health